Armoured riding training

It is not really an event but I still believe it is worth mentioning here that since January 2015 I have been deemed by Ms. Iva Kostunova from Black Rock Ranch skilled enough to ride outside on my own, which I consider the greatest achievement of my riding 'career'. She was also generous enough to allow me to ride her horse in armour which is another step taken towards jousting.


Armoured riding sessions

HMB season 2015

This year there were only two rounds of eliminations for the World championship of HMBIA that is taking place in Prague on 7th - 10th May. Unfortunately I was the only one of our company to be able to participate. I fought under the banner of the third team of Prague club SKSKB Praha - Umpalumpové. The team managed to qualify itself as CR3 team in the 5vs5 category after Prague's team 1 - the Trolls and the team of MFC Vysočina. I will also probably take part at the fights of 21vs21 category.


The Umpalumpas (foto: Fanklub České korouhve)


Klinštejn for the Umpalumpas! (foto: Jan Hodr)

Karlovská Sbierz 2014

In August 2014 a traditional event of Doba Karlova - Karlovská Sbierz - took place in Skalany in Czech Paradise. It was our son's first event so we only stayed for a little while.


Little lord of Klinstejn entereth the reenactment world (foto: Los Pedros)

Turneringen om Den Gyldne Lænke - Middelaldercentret 2014

At the beginning of August 2014 I visited my beloved Middelaldercentret in Nyköbing, Denmark, again. I was invited there for probably the most prestigeous event of my life - Great Nordic tournament of the Golden Chain (Turneringen om Den Gyldne Lænke) organized by Arne Koets in cooperation with the people from MC and Stichting HEI. Three days 6 riders of 5 European countries competed in jousting and meleé events in the most historically accurate manner you can encounter around the world IMHO. I was surprised by the level of entertainment of the meleé fights and in general this event has much raised my interest in 15th century.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony (photo kind courtesy of Svend Erik Winterfeldt)


Meleé (photo kind courtesy of Svend Erik Winterfeldt)

Lecture - Life at a castle - A knight, his arms and armour

On October 17th 2013 I held a lecture on the topic of knightly armour and weapons as part of a series of lectures - Life at a castle on the occassion of 10th anniversary of opening of the Water Castle Lipy in Ceska Lipa, North Bohemia. It was a challenge but an opportunity for something worth putting in my CV.


You can download the PPT file here

Prague Chronicles App

In August 2013 I was honoured to take part in creating of a very interesting tourist application for Iphones and Ipads called Prague Chronicles. My task was to shoot some footage on horseback - namely a few passes for tournament and battle scenes. It was the first time I rode in some armour and the first time I rode in a great helmet with basically no vision. It didn't go so well, it has shown me the importance of being used to a particular saddle, reins, bridle as well as being able to steer the horse without checking your and its every move with your eyes. Luckily the director - Martin Klekner got his shots, although we had to do the canter passes without the lance (CG lance will fix it).


On location (foto: Martin Klekner, the director)

Find out more on Chronicles' facebook

Middelaldercentret 2013

In May 2013 my friend Roland and I set out on a trip to Middelaldercentret in Nyköbing, Denmark. It is a recreation of a fictional hansa town Sundköbing of the beginning of the 15th century. I have to admit I have left a piece of my heart there. We helped out with the daily program as volunteers and in the evening I got trained by Medieval Centre's own Joakim Lövgren (3rd at European jousting Championship 2012) who invited me there, for which I will always be thankful. It was great to try loading the trebuchet and then shooting a stone in the sea. It was also quite cool to sleep in a medieval merchant's house and it was amazing to do the first couple of passes on a quintain in a medieval-ish saddle on a magnificent horse.


Young sir Klinstejn as a page of Bohemian knight Wolfram von Lauterbach


A riding session with master Joakim