Historical background

As mentioned in section 'About us'we are trying to portray a company of a Bohemian lord of late 14th century. Let me now introduce him to you

Sir Henzlin of Klinštejn, also known or referred to as Jan of Klinštejn, Jan of Ronov, Hanuš of Helfenburk is a member of a lesser branch of one of the most powerful and wealthiest noble houses of the Kingdom of Bohemia - Ronovci (Lords of Ronov). He is mentioned in the sources between years 1372 and 1383. His dominion was quite modest. He only owned a couple of villages, at some point he probably comissioned a castle which he then sold in 1375. Otherwise he resided in a little castle in Žandov (a small town close to Česká Lípa - North Bohemia) together with some of his brothers.

Little is known about Sir Henzlin since the sources speak of him briefly and some of the sources bring more confusion than understandnig. That is one of the reasons I have chosen to portray him. I felt it would give me certain freedom of choice when putting together the necessary equipment, garment and armour.


When putting my armour together I made quite a few mistakes usually because I went with the flow of low-end reenactors who aren't reenactors really. But I was lucky enough to get yelled at online on the forum of Doba Karlova project where there are some pretty amazing people who had done a lot of research and also these people were generous enough to share loads of sources, period pictures, links and photos with us youngsters who are at the very beginning. So I started searching online for referrence, inspiration and I spent hours and hours browsing the Effigies and brasses database which helped me to concretize the kit.

- a gambeson of 10 layers of fabric
- a maille shirt (alas butted rings only so far)
- a coat-of-plates
- a heraldic tabard

Limb protection:
- full leg harness
- padded hose
- hourglass gauntlets with scale fingers
- full arm harness with splinted bracers and simple spaulders

Head protection
- a bascinet with a removable houndskull visor
- an early frogmouth helmet (still under construction)

My kit in March 2012
I was not wearing the tabard at the event because I was experimenting with the chains holding the great helmet and weapons.